Traction Battery Systems

"Traction Battery Systems is committed to responsible, sustainable battery recycling and environmental protection."


It is our pleasure to take an opportunity to introduce our self as an “AMARON Authorize TRACTION BATTERY Channel Partner for Maharashtra region”.

Traction Battery Systems involved in sales and services of Traction Battery, UPS Systems, SMF Battery and MHE spares, etc.

Mr. Kalpesh Patil has established a firm by the name of Traction Battery Systems. He has having 11 + Years of rich experience in sales and services with estimated organizations.

Traction Battery Systems uses to self-perform all services and employ a trusted staff that delivers strong ethics work with an acute attention to detail. Our staff is fully insured and bonded as well as copiously trained in equipment and product usage, as well as trouble-shooting techniques. Additionally, Our engineers will perform quality inspections to make sure that your requirements are being met to the Fullest of your satisfaction; and in service that you require an immediate response; our reliable experts are accessible 24/7.

Amaron Brute Heavy Duty Motive Power Battery for Electric Stackers, Tow Trucks, Forklifts & Reach Trucks

Salient Features

Unmatched Cycle Life - Positive Plates are made with a tubular spine made of 100% pure red Lead. The dry filling offers 1600 -1700 cycles @ 80% DoD @ 25°C, thus offering unmatched lower TCO.

100% Leakage Proof - Plastic powder coated tray isolates the battery from the forklift and prevents the electrolyte from penetrating the metallic part of the container. Conventional battery tray corrosion leads to damage of controllers, resulting in huge loss.

Highly Energy Efficient - Replace this with the best in class cast strap (HADI Automatic Machines) with uniform pole bridge that enables high conductivity of current coupled with high purity electrolyte thus, resulting in lower energy consumption while charging.

Traction Battery systems
Advanced Bolt-on Type Design

Low Maintenance

From the Amara Raja Stable

A Bold, Aggressive & Enduring Performer

Amaron Brute is the latest product from the Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. The traction battery is the 2V High Integrity series from Amaron Hi Life Batteries range in tubular series. Amaron Brute incorporated with the cutting edge technology offers an unbeatable value proposition for the most demanding and rugged applications in back-up power for motive power. Amaron Brute is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for motive power applications in harsh outdoor environments.

Specially made for

24/7 Forklift Operations

Rugged power for electric forklifts

Be it any scale industry, warehouse or outdoor operation Amaron BruteTM, by virtue of having higher latent energy delivers high power discharge for longer periods. It is specifically designed to power heavy duty forklifts that keep toiling multiple shifts a day.

What is Traction Batteries

Traction batteries are batteries used for motive power in a wide variety of industries, warehousing and logistics and aviation segments on electric material handling equipment, ground support equipment and cleaning machines and to name a few. It is used to power DC motors that support MHE's hydraulic and traction movements.

How to choose a high energy traction battery?

High energy batteries are chosen to deliver consistently high power and the desired backup time. Innovative designs, manufactured using the right raw materials and manufactured in automated facilities provide high power in battery traction / MHE applications. Hi Life Batteries has proven its credibility in India for providing high energy with unmatched cycle life for motive power applications.

Are traction batteries used for Industrial Cleaning / Scrubbing Machines?

Yes, traction batteries are being used for motive power of various type of Industrial Cleaning/Scrubbing Machines. However, off-late for high energy applications, customers choice is turning to Amaron Brute Hi Life Batteries.

Our offerings in Sales and Services for distinct categories listed as below

Plastic powder coated tray isolates the battery from the fork lift & prevents the electrolytes from penetrating the metallic part of the container.

Our Strengths :
• Emergency repair 24 x 7 x 365
• Core Technical support (20 + Year Experience Engineers) for Traction Battery, UPS,SMF Battery Etc.
• Preventive maintenance
• Prompt Sales and Service
• Training provides against AMC
• Availability of spares
• Competitive prices

Traction battery Systems

These are the list of products and services we offer for your ready reference. In this connection, We would request you to kindly provide us an opportunity to deliver our best. It will be our honour to work with such an estimated organization. We look forward to a long and successful association. We will be proud if you turn to us with confidence.

Applications for Material Handling Equipments :

Traction Battery Systems provide Traction Battery for Material Handling vehicles. We understand Material Handling Problems and we provide the solution for Material Handling Equipments requires energy efficiency as well as quality Battery. We are one of the leading suppliers for Traction Battery manufacturing by Amara Raja is the Export quality Products

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